Edel MJ

He is originally from the city of of Obregon in Sonora, Mexico. The 21-year old has had a great passion for music for as long as he can remember and finds it fascinating to connect with other people through his music. His whole life has been competition with himself, as he always tries to overcome each achievement with a bigger one, surpassing himself no matter the circumstances. While most only see one side of a coin, Edel has always been intrigued to understand how a coin was created in the first place.

He is obsessed with the idea of creating through what he lives and experiences, and that feelings such as sadness, happiness, love, loneliness, and understanding the feelings of others. For Edel, music is not just sound, music is an art, and it is the perfect tool for people like him who live to create content based on their experiences. "It feels good to be heard by people who believe in you without even knowing you, without knowing about your life, or who you are."